Sea bathing water quality - Croatia

Beach search
In the search field type the beginning of the name (at least three letters) of areas, places or beaches. For example brac (Brac), or TUC (Tucepi) or BAC (bacvice). Below the search result list will link to locations that match the query. Selecting the desired location, will lead You to page with bathing water quality for that location.
Water quality
On this page you can see the bathing water quality results. For a more details, select desired sampling ( + ). At the top of the page you can find links to sampling point map (with all facilities), as well as pictures for that location.
Map shows all objects / facilities placed at the selected location. Selected location is at the centre of the display. By selecting the object you can find the object name. By choosing another location you change the active one and you can see the related objects.
It is possible to see a thumbnail view of all available images. By selecting particular image it is possible to see it in full size.
It is allowed for users to rates and comment each bathing water. Received comments are not publicly available; they are used for improvement of monitoring programme by responsible authorities.
Find the nearest beach
By selecting this option, the browser will ask you for geolocation approval. If you give the approval, the map will show you the current location, and white line pointed to the nearest beach (location). In the middle of the white line you can see the distance between your position and the nearest beach (in kilometres).
Monitoring results
Sea bathing water quality results / assessments shown by sites and grouped by counties.
Suggest the sampling point
If you think that the bathing water monitoring should be expanded you can suggest the new sampling point. By selecting this possibility, the map will show you your current location, and you will be allowed to mark preferred new sampling point at the map (red circle). It is necessary also to enter the explanation on reasons; why this bathing water should be monitored.